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Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Hell yeah RiRi, I hear you loud and clear. I have loved makeup ever since I could remember, but glitter is something I haven’t dabbled my brush in…. that’s about to change. I’m a makeup lover but, have no professional training, everything I have learned has been by trial and error…lots of error.

I spent lots of time looking at makeup stores trying to find the perfect glitter, but where do I even start? What are the criteria it should meet? I came up with a simple checklist for my shopping endeavor.

1. Must be comfortable (Shouldn’t be able to feel it once it’s applied)

2. Doesn’t turn your face into a sparkle goblin (Stays on the intended area)

3. Don’t have to give up your first born for a container of unicorn poop (Cost isn’t absurd)

4. Doesn’t make everyone else need sun glasses (Isn’t overpowering)

5. Shine like a Tiffany & Co. showroom (they are noticeable and desired by others)

6. Are the sparkles staying on your face eternity? (can you easily remove them when you choose)

Make Up For Ever! We had a class field trip to CurliQue where there is a Make Up For Ever store inside. After a quick tour of the campus and all the brands sold I went to ask for some glitter advice. The girl working in the Make Up For Ever area was extremely helpful. She showed me a few different ways to apply the glitter, and helped in the decision of what size glitter I wanted. There were three sizes offered at that location. Large, Small, and Micro (Not sure if that’s what they call their sizes….but it’s what I’m gunna call them). I wanted to test out the small for my eyes. The micro came in this tiny pot and was Not worth it’s money for what I wanted it for. I found the colour I waned, got a quick tutorial, tapped the good old credit card and was on my way.

That night I had a fashion show that I was volunteering at, perfect opportunity to make my eyes disco balls. I did my makeup as usual, now, it’s time to add a sparkle to my eye. I sprayed some Make Up For Ever “Mist & Fix” into a little dish so I could use it to moisten my brush. I dipped my brush into the liquid, then into the small glitter and patted it onto my eyelids and finished with a nice coat of the “Mist & Fix” all over my face…note to self, don’t drop the pot of glitter as it will get everywhere and you will turn into a glitter monster. Two outfit changes later and off to the event I went. I was at the event for 4 hours, and didn’t have time to check a mirror until the end of the show and these were my thoughts.

1. The glitter felt non-existent, and was extremely comfortable. 9/10 Pass

2. The sparkles shed a little when I first applied them, but I just pat the sparkles away with some clear scotch tape and voila, sparkles no longer everywhere. By the end of the night, the glitter was exactly where I had put it. 10/10 Pass

3. For only spending $16.00 I am extremely pleased with the amount and quality of the glitter. 9/10 Pass

4. I got a lot of compliments on the sparkles, but would love to perfect the application so that they didn’t take up my entire eyelid…my bad 8/10 Pass

5. I had a few makeup artists from the show ask where I got my sparkles and they emphasized how much they liked them, I think that counts as being successfully Tiffany & Co. worthy. 9/10 Pass

6. At the end of the night, I just took my makeup off as usual with my favourite Simple makeup removing wipes, and the glitter went from not moving an inch, to being virtually non-existent on my face…I did have to wipe a few times to get them all off. 8/10 Pass

For a first-time sparkle user, I loved these and can’t wait to test out more from the Make Up For Ever brand. I was really able to have fun and play around without looking like I was a 5-year-old who got into the glitter glue. Major win and I 100% recommend.


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