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Meal Prep Recipe Review

Meal prep, a perfect way to save time in the morning, as well as save money. I made three different meals, two for breakfast and one for lunch/dinner. Everything I needed for the meals is in the photo above totaling less than $100. I decided to use BuzzFeed's 5 Meal Prep Recipes (Click here to go to link with recipes). I made their egg cups, breakfast burritos, and teriyaki chicken bowls.

As you can see in the photo, I started cooking a little late. And didn't finish all the cooking and packaging until 12:30am. Needless to say, it was a long night.

The first prep (Egg Cup): This one was so much fun to make, not sure if I am just easily entertained, but it was so satisfying to pour the eggs into the cups with all the veggies. It was a very low mess meal prep and tasted SO GOOD. If you are a mom and need a quick easy breakfast for your kids this is the one you should totally do! They can make their own cups with veggies that you have chopped. Its a fresh, protein rich breakfast. 9/10

The second prep (Breakfast Burrito): This one was easy to make and very yummy, there was very minimal mess which, as someone who doesn't like to clean, that was perfect. I put everything into each of my wraps and it was perfect. Flavour was great, protein was high, and there were some veggies snuck in there. I love that you can freeze them and keep them around for a while. My only complaint, this may be 'user error', is that when warmed up the ends get a little dry. 8/10

The third prep (Teriyaki Chicken Bowl): I'm going to start off by saying, I LOVE TERIYAKI. I accidentally cooked the chicken a bit too long, which sucked because it was a bit too dry. I know for next time. The prep was quick and easy to clean up and it made a perfect amount so i didn't have too much extra food. I took it to school the day after I made it, I was super hungry and quickly warmed it up, it totally hit the spot, filled me up, was healthy, and tasted amazing. 9.5/10

What meal prep recipes should i try next?



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