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Be Bold

Style is unique to each person. Give 5 people the same outfit and each will use their unique style to create different outfits. And even if the same person is given the item on two different days their styling of said item would change. Style is subject to many different factors and is never static.

My style is very different from day to day depending on inspiration and mood, and today, I felt very cutesy and wanted to wear my Clueless inspired yellow plaid skirt. I love this skirt because of its bold colour and unique look.

I bought the skirt at Simons in the summer of 2016. Paired with, a second hand, black Zara crop top and, thrift-shopped, G by Guess chunky open toe heels. And when the wind picked up I threw on a two-toned blue and grey jacket. For accessories I am wearing my Fitbit Blaze, and rose gold glasses from Urban Outfitters.

This outfit is so cute, bright, bold and fun perfect for any style! How would you style this skirt?


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