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7 Steps to being a Fall Fashionista

As much as I miss summer already fall has so many opportunities for cute outfits. The only issue is trying to look cute, be comfy, and be warm. There are so many things that can be done to accomplish all three. Here are 7 tips to be stylish, cozy and toasty for the pumpkin season.

1. Layers, layers and more layers

Layers can be an amazing way to keep you warm and keep your outfit interesting and dynamic. My personal favourite is taking a zip-up hoodie and layering it under a leather jacket plain t-shirt or long sleeve underneath. Pair this outfit with you favourite jeans, a baseball hat and Converse.

2. Casual can be cute

Who said that to look like a 10 you had to wear skirts/dresses and heels? I like to wear outfits that resemble pajamas or workout gear as much as possible.

3. A good coat can go a long way

Never underestimate the power of a good coat. It can take an outfit from 0-100 real quick. Finding a coat that fits well, matches your style, and fits the season can take time, so be patient.

4. Don't be afraid of colour

Just because it's fall doesn't mean that all colour flies out the window. Don't be timid with your colour choice. Pastel colours, vibrant colours, anything goes. That includes patterns, I can't stand when the weather gets cold and people lose all life in their clothing. Keep it fun, and keep it you.

5. A big purse is the perfect fall accessory

A nice big structured bag can be the perfect addition to any outfit. Think of Mary Poppins' bag but stylish. It can fit everything and the kitchen sink while looking killer and making you look like you belong in People's.

6. Scarves are your friend

Winter is coming which means so is scarf season. Wear your favourite scarf and when it's time to go inside tie it around the handle of your purse for a lovely accessory. Or wear a big circle scarf for a nice textural addition to a simple outfit.

7. A large hat can take your outfit to the next level

Just because fall has arrived doesn't mean that the sun has left the sky. Sunglasses and hats are a perfect addition to your daily outfit, however a big hat can bring your casual outfit from quick stroll to the grocery store, to looking like you are famous and should be followed by paparazzi.



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