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Hiking with Hunter

Hunter – a thirteen-year-old dog living in Vancouver – loves the outdoors. Vancouver is home to some of the most amazing hikes. You would think that this combination would make for an impeccable pairing, but it is not that easy.

Between the wild mountain bikers, dangerous terrain, and the fact that many hikes don’t even allow dogs, it can make finding this perfect hike for you and your companion a bit of a struggle. To save you the headache of hunting down a suitable option, I have done the research for you! Quarry Rock in Deep Cove is an excellent dog friendly choice that is suitable for beginner hikers, be it dogs or humans.

This hike has been Hunter’s favourite since his first visit. With Hunter’s old age, he has become a bit of a grandpa of a dog, but still possesses the heart of a puppy. He has remained a faithful fan of this hike through all stages of his life, speaking to the trail’s appeal for all dog types and ages.

The location is ideal for escaping the hustle and bustle of city life, as it’s an easy drive from downtown Vancouver and from North Vancouver, with lots of parking on site. Busy in the summer, the trail is immersed with people, young and old, trekking with each other, alone, or with their pets; the trail definitely sees a decrease in traffic during the fall and winter when you can often go the entire hike without running into more than a handful of people.

If your pup is anything like Hunter, they will be wagging their tail, ready to hop out of the car, and start the climb before you’ve even parked. Follow the signs for Baden Powel Trail; these will take you right to the hike’s entrance. I suggest keeping your dog on a leash until you are on the trail, especially if you have a wanderer, as cars like to speed through the area.

Once immersed in the forest, you can let your dog run free to enjoy the rushing streams and play in the flora and fauna. The trail offers well maintained and easy to follow paths that bend around the curve of the cove. You will reach a clearing after approximately 45 minutes. Hunter is usually at the clearing a lot faster, wondering what took the rest of the group so long to join him. The view boasts a gorgeous panorama of the entire cove and the Indian River. To err on the side of caution, it would be smart to put a leash on your dog here as well, as the look out – while beautiful – does host a steep drop off.

Take your time to enjoy the view and leisurely make your way down the trail, but don’t leave without visiting Honey’s Donuts, located in the heart of the Cove. Their classic donut comes highly recommended. They are the size of apples and have a sweet flavor that’s so good – you really do have to try it to believe it. Plus, you deserve it after putting the work in on your hike!

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