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Baby Feet?

Beauty is from head to toe, inside and out. With that being said, feet to me, have always been pretty gross and aren't the first things to come to mind when I think of beauty.

My friend Taryl and I have seen these "baby feet" foot masks all over social media and we decided to try it out. With summer coming to a close our feet were very well walked on. Lots of calluses, blisters, and overall we had ugly feet. We decided to give these masks a try, I mean, what did we have to lose?

If you don't know what these foot masks do, you put these sock-like bags on your feet and let them sit for 60-90 minutes. From there you rinse off your feet and over the next week or two your feet start to peel and reveal soft baby-like skin.

This experience was a step out of my comfort zone because, feet somewhat gross me out. So the fact the my feet started molting its skin like a snake was a little creepy.

I was not pleased with the results of the foot peel, but would be curious to see if other brands are better and would actually work.

Here is a video of our experience, and our review of the product.


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