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Japan Celebration of Lights 2017

As a tradition, every year Vancouver hosts the Celebration of Light. This year, some friends and I decided to go to the first one performed by Japan (who ended up winning the competition).


We started off meeting at Waterfront station. Walked to English Bay and stumbled upon a little "public disco" in the famous colour alley. It was fun, but only for a few minutes, then we got bored and left. Made for good photos though.

We stopped at the liquor store for some drinks, and JJ Bean for coffee and food, then went to the beach. When we got to the beach we found a spot and set up our "camp". We had packed food, water, chairs, blankets, towels, and music.

We got to English bay at 4:30, fireworks werent until 10pm.We had one of the air hammocks, that were all over social media a little while ago, and had never used one before and I can honestly say that the promo video's make it look way easier than it is. It took me about 20 attempts to get it sufficiently blown up, it was very uncomfortable to do and watch.

The beach started off busy but not much busier than a normal day. Because we got to the beach so early we were able to sit and relax while waiting for time to pass and more people to come. When more of our friends showed up we played card games, and cards against humanity.

The fireworks were beautiful, very busy but everyone seemed very well behaved. We stayed on the beach until it closed. We then went for a walk down back to waterfront, but took the route where we walked along the sea wall.

Watch the video to see more of our day!


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